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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Huffington Post Sucks.

I hate to break it to you, enlightened college students, but the Huffington Post is crap.

Take, for example, this.

Who gives a damn what Alec Baldwin thinks about oil policy? Seriously! He has literally no expertise about oil spills. He is an actor. They even have the gall to slap it on there under his title, without even a lame attempt to bilk him up as an expert (like what people are doing to James Cameron). It's right there under his name!

An actor.

I don't care if he were Marlon damn Brando. He's an actor.

I get it. The site is supposed to be Arriana Huffington and all her very interesting friends blogging off the cuff. That would be fine, but people have started treating it like a legitimate venue for legitimate opinion journalism, for well-reasoned rational analysis -- and any site that unflinchingly has Alec Baldwin talking about energy policy is NOT THAT.

What really kills me about the Huffington Post is that the liberals that frequent it are often the loudest critics of the bias propigated Fox News and its imitators.

I got news for you -- the Huffington Post is just the left-leaning equivalent, complete with a fawning love for celebrities and an almost cartoonish pretension.


aahz said...

I'll give you another reason why HuffPost sucks... they now censor comments in a way that can only be described as "Unfathomable",, I WAS a reader and regular poster of comments there for over 4 years, had more than a few heated debates that never got personal or nasty, THEN I found my self banned completely, for posting
a comment supporting Alabama's new anti-illegal alien law, and pointed out that California could USE some of the same common sense, and hey, boom, banned.
I can not even get a response from e-mails asking for the rationale behind my being banned!
Free Speech is only OK there when it supports their Pet Projects, it seems... like illegals.

Anonymous said...

Well I got banned for calling Republicans ecxactly what they are. The party of hate, bigoty, homopobia and racisim...... They tend to be a wisht washy bunch od sissies over there..

Anonymous said...

huff post has no scenes of humor .

Anonymous said...

"from 'MoonBeamWatcher' " was huffn'puffn STAR more then a few times over 4 or 5 years.

adding some FATHOM to your unFATHOMABLE "THEY" Huffn'Puffn' let folk who just don't like your post remove you! Me, I loved the numbskulls off the wall opinions and enjoyed being able to make logical 'counter-points' BUT... signed off with a standard OMG! = Obama Must Go! Which earned me the RATH of Bumma luvahs.

trk387 said...

Hey look at this if you hate the h/p!



Matty Orionson said...

Huffingtonpost banned me as well for no reason other than the fact I'm smart & inspire others to think. I will be starting my own blog & contacting all 500+ people on my contacts to inform them huffpo is regulating free speech. I do not swear, double speak, make threats or lie during my posts either, Im in accordance with all their user agreements & they still banned me.

Anonymous said...

I just had a comment liked by 15 people and it has been removed. I don't even remember what I said but I know it wasn't against any rules.

I am done with this place. They can bite me

Anonymous said...

Huffpost now wants to "verify" who you are. What the hades do they care? They are just spies and they are trying to harvest more data than anybody else. Link Facebook, link twitter.
BS. You comment civilly for years and all of a sudden you have to, "check with daddy."
They should open discussion not try to shut it down. We need flags or thumbs and let the reader decide. I never cared if someone commented on my comment. We often agreed to disagree. NBD!

Anonymous said...

The Huff Post is verifying ID's so they can pass your info on to holder and his crew for the coming round up of dissenters.

Hunter3457 said...

Yeah the Republican Party the party that opposed racism opposed slavery opposed segregation opposed the KKK opposed Jim Crow laws opposed not allowing women the right to vote opposed attacking the Native Americans is somehow the racist party yeah you have a real grasp on history

Anonymous said...

The huff post sucks because it posts so many advertisements that page load times take forever. Stupid capitalists and their endless advertising for useless products. HUffpost also sucks because if you want to comment, you have to register with one of the giant capitalist entities such as twitter or facebook. Or you don't hacve a voice. Huffington POst is capitalism posing as progressive -- all they care about is the buck. fuck that site -- it's for the kochsuckers.

Anonymous said...

@ hunter: why don't you tell the people what century it was when republicans opposed slavery and the KK? that's right, two centuries ago. Not since. How about we talk recent events, like the republican party of the last 75 years, which attracts only racist white voters based one hatred of "welfare queens" and "illegals" and other code words for racist terms. Care to talk? I thought not.

Anonymous said...

Republicans = rasist???? What planet do you live on? The dems are still the racist people they claim not to be. Republicans want voter ID. Is that really racist? Every election in Europe requires ID to vote. It eliminates fraud. What the dems are really saying is that blacks are too lazy or too stupid to acquire an ID. RACIST! Or just like to be fraudulent? Right to might as well just call that white guys wanting to keep their overpaying union jobs b/c they see a batch of fresh Central Americans who need jobs coming. RACIST! Who tells blacks they aren't as smart as whites and lowers standards for blacks? RACIST! Just b/c you Demmies took off the white sheet doesn't mean you aren't racist.......

Anonymous said...

Huffington Post is nothing but a liberal propaganda machine. The sad thing is that liberals take it seriously. Sometimes when I read something there (I click on it because of the story before I realize it is HP) I think I am actually clicking on The Onion or some other satire site.
They will not let you comment if you do not totally agree with them, even after you log in with your FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!!! They have banned me from even being able to login.
Now I know how the Nazi's treated the Jews in the beginning. I think if Arriana (or however you spell the witch's name) had the power, I truly believe she would have another holocaust, but this time it would be conservatives/Republicans.